Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Hey everyone, know it's a long long time ago I posted something. Yep, some sort of forgetting this blog.. I work on it, be sure. So while I scrolled through ''what's new'' on net-a-porter.com, I fell in love with the amazing Victoria Beckham Denim shorts. Just the link for you cause I searched for a better picture in the internet, but in my opinion, this was the best! http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/188864

So, also a thing I absolutely fell in love with. As you know, my favorite bag of all time is Alma from Louis Vuitton! But when I was on mango.com, I saw that bag and was like: Oh my gosh, it just looks like Alma. I just need to show you!
And now the last thing I found during my little ''I-dream-of-buying-all-that-stuff'' shopping tour:
Girls can dream, and I dream of this pair of earrings: (even the holder is flowery!)

Credits go to: net-a-porter.com, Anita Ko and Mango
Love you guys xoxoLotta

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