Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Flea market and Afternoon..

Hey I just wanted to show you my ''new'' things, which I bought on a flea market in Aumühle! First, two rings which I like very much and I wear them to almost everything..Et voila:)

But these are not the only things I bought, I also got some ''new'' Uggboots. I am sad ,that they are not silver or gold, but I like them too! They feel like slippers, warm&comfy! But in strong winter, I can't were them because of the snow...Yeah I can't wear them in the rain, it's definitely a disadvantage that they are made of cotton or something! Anyway, I love them!
Yes and this is my perfect afternoon. Eating licorice candy, drinking rooibos tea, reading the biography of Coco Chanel and listening to THE DOORS-PEOPLE ARE STRANGE..:) p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y. xoxoLotta

Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Hamburg&and a lovely coupon

 So this Pullover in Mint is from a new Label from Hamburg.It's called: Taskaboni Rex and i just love this pullover because of the color and the holes on the sleeves and down there. I like the combination with this belt, but i also like it to wear it without. So and so(:  So keep in mind, Taskaboni Rex!

Aaaaand this is my new nail varnish! It's from KOH and it's like a little bit yellow&gold with a shimmer touch! For my birthday, my friend bought me a perfumery coupon, and when I went there, I was like, what should I buy? I already had too many perfumes and hand creams so I thought, that I should take a nail varnish in a freaky color! At school, my friend asked me, what I bought, so I showed her my nails, and she told me that I am ABSOLUTELY strange..But in a friendly way of course!..Thank you for this nice coupon Celine-Alicia(:

Sonntag, 14. August 2011

I just love this Jacket.. I am really into jeansjackets this year! I really need one, because this is the one of my friend Anna:) ( Yeeahh, nothing much more to say, just that this one is from ZARA..ok, good night everyone, xoxoLotta

Freitag, 12. August 2011


One of my favorite bags! Normally I don't like Louis Vuitton so much, because of the Pattern everywhere, but this is an exception! The color and the shape are absolutely my favorite! Thank you, Louis Vuitton, for this wonderfull bag! xoxoLotta

silver uggs

looooooooooooooove:) I know they are old but I love them!


Hello There:) This is my first post on my THE STYLE ADDICT website! WOW:) 

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addictet to fashion.Really sad about having my silver uggboots no more.They were my favorite.My inspiration are my friends.What else?!Ouh jea something is there,because there's one other ''thestyleaddict'', that was accidentally! Sorry! (I mean the thing with the name...)