Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Hamburg&and a lovely coupon

 So this Pullover in Mint is from a new Label from Hamburg.It's called: Taskaboni Rex and i just love this pullover because of the color and the holes on the sleeves and down there. I like the combination with this belt, but i also like it to wear it without. So and so(:  So keep in mind, Taskaboni Rex!

Aaaaand this is my new nail varnish! It's from KOH and it's like a little bit yellow&gold with a shimmer touch! For my birthday, my friend bought me a perfumery coupon, and when I went there, I was like, what should I buy? I already had too many perfumes and hand creams so I thought, that I should take a nail varnish in a freaky color! At school, my friend asked me, what I bought, so I showed her my nails, and she told me that I am ABSOLUTELY strange..But in a friendly way of course!..Thank you for this nice coupon Celine-Alicia(:


  1. hey LOTTAlovesBloggin, we are big fans of your blog and love to read it, maybe you know us (Sophia and Matti) and we love your style! und ganz ganz ganz veil liiiiiebe <333 :D

  2. ouuh thank you very much(:hmm...I think I heard your names anywhere..?!joking(: und ganz ganz ganz viel liiiiiebe zurück<33:D


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