Freitag, 16. September 2011

The september- issue!

Hey everyone, I want to show you one of my favorite dresses today.At the moment, you can see it everywhere. Anne Hathaway wore it for Marie Claire, It was on the cover of the german Grazia and everywhere else. Adorable. talked enough about it now, let's show you...:)
And than I wanted to tell you something about my dad.Yesterday when he came home, I was wathing TV. He had a short look at my room and shouted to me angrily:,,Oh common, this not tidy``. I hate it that you lie.''
,,Hhh?``, was my reaction but I went into my room. He said, I should have a look at my bed. And I was like Hhh? again, but I did. I felt something like a book under the duvet and had a look. He bought the new September Vogue for me! The american one, preorderd in New York, send to germany. You know, here in Hamburg it's hard to find one..Happiest Girl in the world:) 

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